Monday, April 16, 2018

The Benefits of Pest Management

It’s no secret that most of the time all of the creepy, crawly critters and insects that we see in our home can cause quite the disturbance! A shared meal with friends and family can quickly become panicked when a guest spots a spider or mouse run across the kitchen floor, and beyond just being distracting- having pests in the home can cause many other issues as well. Here at Border Pest Control in Las Cruces, New Mexico, we strive to solve all of your pest issues with a strong and educated approach designed specifically for your situation. Choosing to have contact us to get your pest situation under control will not only put your mind at ease, but pest management has many other benefits as well.

Reduces Health Risks

Insects and rodents are often carriers of many diseases and other harmful pathogens and as they make themselves comfortable in your home, your risk of contracting whatever they are carrying around increases. Even common house pests such as fleas, mosquitoes and cockroaches could be transmitting harmful diseases such as malaria and plague!

Aside from carrying diseases that you don’t want anywhere near you or your family, pests also often wreak havoc on your skin when the come in contact with you and/or bite you. Some insect bites can cause swelling and itching that lasts for days and sometimes you find out the hard way that you are having an allergic reaction to a particular type of insect bite. Having a pest management plan in effect helps reduce your health risks overall and keeps those itchy bumps to a minimum!

Assists with Damage Prevention in Your Home

There are some pests that cause very obvious damage on your home, such as termites. But even other small pests can be creating a lot more damage than you might think. Pests will often burrow and chew on the materials holding your home together, such as the wooden frame of your home. Over time, as they continue to eat away the materials and nest in the framing of your home, the structural integrity can become compromised. Other pests such as rodents also like to nest in tight spaces in your walls and crawl spaces and they frequently use the materials that your home is made of to make homes of their own.

Saves you Money!

Many of us are always looking for ways to save a penny or two and surprisingly enough hiring a pest control company to work on your pest problems will save you money in the long run. Homeowners frequently try to diagnose and treat the pest invaded areas themselves, costing them hundreds of dollars in over the counter solutions. Those that are not trained in pest control management techniques are 67 times more likely to incorrectly apply insecticides. And in some cases the over application of certain over the counter harmful toxins could actually be making the problem worse! It will be more beneficial to invest in getting our team of experts to your home to properly assess the situation instead of throwing money away on multiple bottles and treatments at the store.

Less Cleaning

Keeping your home clean can sometimes feel like a full time job, especially when you’ve got unwanted guests such as insects and rodents making even more of a mess. Having a pest problem can be gross overall and pests often leave quite the trail of evidence behind them. Some of the debri left behind can sometimes include droppings and even dead bodies- yuck! By taking control of the situation early on you’ll be saving yourself a lot of time in the cleaning department.

Peace of Mind

All of the above benefits are certainly wonderful in their own way, but one of the most important things you can gain from acquiring a team of experts to tackle your pest problem is the peace of mind it will give you. Having pests running around your home is an unsettling feeling and can easily make home feel not as comfortable to you and your family.

Hiring our team of professionals to assess the situation will help you put the issue on the back burner, allowing you to get back to the important things in life. We will be able to properly identify what the pest is and what the correct plan of action should be to eradicate the pests as quickly as possible.

If you suspect you might have a pest issue, don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals today!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Border Pest Control "Pest-Pros" was started as a family business in December 1973.  I was attending college at NMSU and worked with Dad in Summer back then.  Here I am 45 years later wondering where did the time go?  It's been a great ride!  We cover 8 counties in 2 states and have 11 technicians and 4 customer service representatives.  Our customers have made us the largest locally owned company in the region. THANK YOU to all our wonderful customers and friends for helping make us the BEST!
Jim Dye is a Associate Certified Entomologist and Owner of Border Pest Control “Pest-Pros”. You can reach us by calling
575-523-7222 in Las Cruces or 575-546-7863 in Deming.    @BorderPestPros   @LasCrucesPestPros

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Bed Bugs: Forecasting the Year Ahead and Prevention Methods

The new year is in full swing and here at Border Pest Control in Las Cruces, New Mexico, we are getting ready for another busy year. And of course one of the most troublesome pests continues to be the bed bug, with experts continue predicting an increase in bed bugs in the U.S.

What is the forecast for bed bugs in 2018?

Recently Orkin released the top 50 cities in the United States predicted to have the most infestations in the coming year. This list was based off of data of metro areas where the company had performed the most bed bug treatments during the majority of last year. The cities that arrived at the top of this list were:

1) Baltimore
2) Washington, D.C.
3) Chicago
4) Los Angeles
5) Columbus, OH

In order to be as thorough as possible, Orkin included both residential and commercial treatments when compiling all of their data. With the development of recent statistics, experts in the field are predicting a continued increase in the amount of bed bug infestations in the years ahead.

Why does the number of bed bug infestations continue to increase?

For most homeowners and frequent travelers, a potential increase in bed bug infestations is not exactly the best news to hear. And there are quite a few factors that are aiding in the increase of these pests, including their general characteristics and behaviors. Since bed bugs are extremely tiny, this makes them almost impossible to see with the naked eye. The combination of their small size and ability to hide make them very difficult to track down when scanning an area. For this reason, it is easier to look for evidence that they will be leaving behind such as black ink like stains on furniture and belongings.

In addition to being very tiny, bed bugs are capable of rapid population growth with the average adult female laying 2-5 eggs per day. This adds up to around 500 eggs in the lifetime of one female bed bug! Those are a lot of opportunities for successful population grown among this species. Biologically they are also equipped to survive in a large variety of climates and environments. This means that they can continue to invade throughout the entire year and are not relying on seasonal changes to survive. Bed bugs only need blood to live, so with the determination to find this one source they have everything to be fighting for.

Aside from their adaptation to survive, it is also difficult to completely prevent bed bugs because they are always in motion and can travel from place to place very easily on objects we carry around on a regular basis. They can quickly latch onto luggage, clothing, books and other belongings and within hours they are transported for free to their new home. It is also a common misconception that houses or facilities that have poor sanitation are more prone to these unwanted visitors getting comfortable. However, most living and working spaces are susceptible to bed bugs including public housing and upscale new construction.  

Can anything be done to help prevent an infestation?

This is a common question in the industry of pest control and management, and although you may not be able to prevent an infestation in unique scenarios, there are certain practices to adopt that will aid in keeping these troublesome visitors out of your home. One of the easiest ways to help prevent an infestation is to simply check for them regularly. This includes checking places that they may be hiding such as mattress tags and seams, behind baseboards, electrical outlets, headboards, old books and picture frames. Another easy way to create a not so friendly space for these pests is to decrease clutter in your home. And always inspect second hand furniture and items before bringing them into your home!

Lastly, for those out there that are traveling often and are concerned about bringing home more than memories and tan lines- follow this helpful acronym (S.L.E.E.P) to keep bed bugs out!

Survey the hotel room when traveling for signs of infestation
Lift and look under possible hiding spots such as furniture and mattresses
Elevate your luggage and belongings away from the bed and wall when staying in a hotel
Examine your luggage very thoroughly when repacking and when you return back home
Place all of your clothing that is dryer friendly from your luggage in the dryer for at least 15 minutes as soon as you get home

With the continued growth of bed bug infestations in major cities across the country, all of our professionals here at Border Pest Control in Las Cruces, New Mexico, are well equipped and knowledgeable to handle any situation you may have. If you are concerned that you might have an infestation of bed bugs, do not hesitate to give us a call!


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Educate and Protect- Preventing Exposure to Hantavirus

During the warmer summer months is usually an excellent time to work on cleaning out storage spaces and outdoor sheds. However, if you are not careful, this seemingly harmless chore can expose you to an extremely infectious and dangerous disease known as hantavirus. Among our large lists of pests that we can eradicate, Border Pest Control in Las Cruces, New Mexico, specializes in the control of many varieties of mice, including the specific species that is known for carrying this unwanted disease. As with most diseases, especially life threatening ones, there are often a lot of questions and panic surrounding its details on contraction and treatment. We are here to set the record straight with this informative article, and  always keep in mind that you can schedule an appointment with us if you feel like you have an infestation of the carriers of hantavirus.

What is hantavirus?

Hantavirus is an infectious disease that can cause flu-like symptoms and can potentially lead to life-threatening complications.

How do you get it?

The main route of transmission of hantavirus to humans, is through the inhalation of dust particles that have been infected. The infected particles come from an infected rodents’ droppings, urine or saliva. The deer mouse is the primary carrier of this disease, but it is important to note that there are several other species that can carry it as well including the rice rat, cotton rat, and white-tailed mouse. The disease is contracted through aerosolization, which occurs when a virus is kicked up into the air and is easier for humans to inhale. For example, this can happen while you are sweeping or cleaning areas that contain infected rodent droppings, and the particles get disturbed in the process.

What are the symptoms and how is it treated?

Shortly after contracting the disease, it usually causes flu like symptoms such as fever, chills, vomiting, headaches and muscle aches. In the later stages, between 4-10 days after exposure, the symptoms begin to increase in severity and can include shortness of breath, low blood pressure and fluid accumulating in your lungs. Hantavirus is not something that will go away on its own, and it requires immediate attention and sometimes hospitalization to stabilize breathing. If you suspect that you have the disease, you should seek immediate medical attention. Those with severe cases could be immediately put into intensive care, and will receive ongoing treatment to assist with breathing and stabilize blood oxygenation levels.

How can you avoid Hantavirus?

Since the disease exists on the excrement and bodily fluids from rodents with the virus, limiting your exposure to these is very critical to limiting your chances of contracting it. Tasks such as cleaning and sweeping areas with high dust levels, low air circulation, and evidence of rodents should be limited or avoided altogether. Jobs that involve exposure to rodents such as construction and utility work should be avoided without proper training and equipment. Any kind of cleaning in low traffic areas such as attics, sheds, and barns should be approached with caution.

If you find yourself in a situation where rodent infestation is evident, the proper way to clean up the droppings and urine is to spray it down with a strong disinfectant or bleach. Do not sweep it up while it is dry! While it is still wet from the disinfectant or bleach, wipe it up with a towel and dispose of it immediately. It is also advised to use a respirator during this entire process.

You can greatly reduce your risk of coming into contact with hantavirus by reducing the amount of rodent activity in general. Great practices to adopt to reduce their activity in your living areas include:

  • Blocking small access holes that they might getting through.
  • Making sure that all food is sealed and put away.
  • Consistently cleaning dishes and food scraps up.
  • Reduce the amount of nesting materials available- dead brush, grass, and other debris building up along the outside of the building.
  • Set traps.

In addition to these practices, Border Pest Control in Las Cruces, New Mexico, is here to help ensure a safe environment for you and your family. Hantavirus exposure can be significantly higher in our dryer climate in the Southwest, but we can eradicate the problem and take care of the pests involved. If you suspect that you have some unwanted visitors like the rodents that carry this life threatening disease, don’t hesitate to call the experts!