Friday, May 24, 2013

New Termite Baiting Technique

We encountered a situation where we had no crawl space access to this home where termites were ravaging the wood flooring. It is a one hundred year old adobe with all adobe interior walls and about 3 to 4 inches between the floor joist and the ground with no ventilation whatsoever. We gave the customer several choices for control. One, drill holes in a grid pattern throughout the home and inject liquid termiticide into the void below. Two, excavate tunnels under the foundation wall leading to each room, where we could again apply a liquid. Both of these were rejected as the excavation could cause structural issues with no way to stabilize the weight of the adobe walls. And drilling hundreds of holes into an otherwise sound 100 year old floor really wasn't an option from an aesthetic or historical aspect. The third option was placing an in-ground baiting system around the outside perimeter. In this dry climate the baiting system alone could take a very long time to work if it worked at all.

What we did was to treat the outside along the foundation wall with a non-repellent liquid termiticide, Prothor SC, designed to eliminate colonies. The label required an interior treatment, and we already decided that was not an option, except if used in conjunction with a baiting system. So we installed Isopthor Termite Bait stations around the exterior, about 2 feet out. We added Focus under the station which is a termite attractant. We then installed stations with Labyrinth AC inside, underneath the floor.
Labyrinth AC is cellulose in the form of fine sawdust. It is mixed with water to form a paste and is placed in netting attached to the subfloor where termites have been active. Both the exterior and interior stations will be inspected and serviced quarterly to insure a continuous supply of bait. While these methods may take a little longer to gain full control, I feel we will achieve 100% control. A special thanks to Michael Shields of Ensystex for helping out with the new technique.
15 bags were placed where activity was greatest
 Close up of a single bag
 Labyrinth AC mixed with water
Kneed dough and place in bags
 Add material until flush with floor

Press firmly leaving trough for adding water later