Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ground "Stink" Beetles

This beetle is a real stinker! It is a member of the insect family, Carabidae or Ground Beetles.  It belongs to the genus Callisthenes. They are large, about 1" long, with large mandibles. This beetle has plagued SW New Mexico from the Rio Grande Valley west to Arizona.

They are noted as being predators of caterpillars but I have observed them eating just about anything included their own half squashed kind where heavy pedestrian traffic results in a few being trampled.

They do fly while that is not often observed. Pesticides kill them easily, however, due to their extremely high numbers at times, it seems pesticides have little affect in controlling them.  They are present around structures where they are attracted to bright lights at night but are active both day and night

The specie we have dealt with over the past few summers emit a foul odor when molested. I immediately know one is nearby even if I don't see it.  When you try to sweep them away they seem to turn right back at you and try to get back in all the while creating quite a stink.